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"I began training with Rich Graham using kettle bells following my shoulder surgery (labrum tear). I was skeptical at first because my entire athletic life I trained using isometric exercises I.E. standards curls, shrugs, bench, squat, etc. It was just how I was trained when I played high school football. So I wasn't the biggest believer in kettle bells and Rich's methods. However after using Navy SEAL kettle bells I have become leaner, more explosive, and just flat out more athletic.
The real hidden gem of this training has been injury prevention. I have had a lot of issues with my hamstrings (tears and strains) and shoulders from playing sports and training only the “big” group muscles. Rich's training has caused my legs to become part of my core strength and an asset to me as opposed to a constant hindrance. My shoulder joint has become much more stable and strong. We have developed the smaller muscle groups (I neglected in my training) along with the big muscle groups to create this stability. My confidence in my shoulders ability to perform is back to where it was prior to tearing the labrum. I will NEVER go back to a gym again. Thanks Rich."
-Justin Cunard

"I've been training with Navy seal kettlebells for two months now and i have nothing but great things to say. So far i lost 15 pounds and noticeably toned up. can’t wait to see what i look like in another two!" 

"Who knew you could get such an intense workout in so little time. Navy Seal Kettlebells gets my heart rate up, lungs screaming, muscles pumping! Never going back to the gym again!" 

"I am a 40 yr old mother of two with very little time to do anything let alone workout. But Rich Graham and his Navy Seal kettlebell videos allow me to pursue my fitness goals in a fraction of the time than traditional routines.' 

"Badass workouts" 

"My wife and I are fitness gurus, competing in everything from marathons to kayak races. As of late, due to the economy, my family has cut back on non-essential expenses; gym membership, Personal training sessions being the second,  severely hampering our strength conditioning. After searching everywhere, we came across Navy seal Kettlebells promising all kinds of things. And it delivered! Thanks to Rich Grahams Kettlebell videos my wife and I have been able to continue with our training. His videos are comprehensive with superb instruction and gut turning routines. WE'RE NEVER GOING BACK"


Shooting Course Testimonials

"Rich, You did a great job, and I have had tons of positive feedback from the guys that were there. In my opinion your 8 hour block of training was by far the best training the MATOA has ever put one. You should be proud of that because I have had some major bad dudes conduct some training with us, and you beat them all....I guess SEALS really are the best of the best."
-Brian Grant New Castle SWAT, DE President of the Mid-Atlantic Tactical Officers Association (MATOA)

"Rich, I just wanted to say much thanks for yesterday. Will and I did nothing but talk the whole way back to Dixie about how beneficial and eye opening an experience that was; have no doubt that it was worth the drive for us (SC to NJ). I had spent time stationary shooting like we did at first but never any of the other stuff. The course was very well run and very professional; it was good stuff, good training, no Hollywood. The reason we came is to learn practical shooting that is based on combat experience from someone who has put boots on the ground and done it and we got what we bargained for. We also really liked all the guys there, even though they did out shoot us by a mile. I'll take the BUD/S advice to heart; I'm gonna keep doing my best to stay positive while my stress fractures heal. Thanks for putting up with us young bucks. Have a good'un Staying the course."

"I enjoyed the entire course! It demonstrated many practical tactics that are "real world." There is nothing that I would change about this course!"

"My favorite part of the course was the tactical shooting/turning and shooting. This course was very "out of the box." You must run a tactical rifle course next! -Miguel, SWAT/Marine I loved the "stress course" it put things into perspective! The course was very challenging, but at a good level. I gained a lot of knowledge and was put through some "real life" style scenarios."
-Wil Colones, SC

"I feel more confident and have a better understanding of my skill level. The shooting under stress really helped out with this."

"Good course! Good instructor! Always good to learn new drills!"
-Victor, SWAT Great instruction!

"Hit all the main principals involved with tactical shooting. The "stress course" tested the real abilities of the shooters. It was a good level for a civilian course, and Rich is a great instructor with a lot of knowledge!"
-Carl, NJ Police

"I found this course to be a great seminar, and it helped my firearms development & understanding tremendously. Good drills & good deal of personal attention. The "stress course" was my favorite part because it put it all together under pressure. Rich Graham brings a unique perspective of a great shooter, great instructor, and lots of practical experience of a Navy SEAL to his seminar. Lots of good drills & detailed insights. I will be definitely attending more courses with Rich!"
-Greg Mihovich, Owner- The Underground Gym, NJ

"I am a beginner, but love a challenge! This course really helped in confidence building with a firearm. The body movements, and how to stay smooth and fast was what I took away most from this course. I would definitely attend another Trident Fitness firearms course!"
-Dennis Maziekein, Roof Manufacture, NJ